Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Wednesday...What to do? Here's a thought...

Wednesday is now my favorite day. Why? Because, for the summer anyway, it is my day off from work to spend with Eloise, doing whatever floats our boats. Today, since we are still in the processing of making our house a home, we worked on a little project for her bedroom. 
A while back, we found some old "Syroco" wall butterflies at Volunteers of America for $.20 each. Since Ellie's favorite color of late is purple, we went to the hardware store and grabbed 2 bottles of sample paint in different grape-y shades for $3.99.
Today, we sat on the porch and painted them, like so:

For less than $5.00 we made a one of a kind piece of wall art for a one of a kind little girl. And, had a great time doing it. 

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