Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Ellie and I were tooling around Lowe's the other day for various thingamabobs and naturally had to wander down the lighting aisle. I loved the recent assortment of drum shade fixtures that were available and had to share. They are really fantastic. Love Lowe's!

This one below is stained glass. But, it's not your Grandma's stained glass (not that there's anything wrong with that). This is black and white polka dot stained glass! Yes.
Awesome. It also comes in a flush mount fixture that would make a great, graphic statement in an entrance way.

This next one features a fabric shade, surrounded by a metal, cage like frame. It's another cool, modern fixture.

These two are subtle, with a surprise. Plain jain at first glance, then, voila! 
Super chic on the inside.

                                   Music lovers?

I have a weakness for that one: the Manhattan skyline. I wish I had a spot for it. 
(It's on clearance, too! $86! ) Please, someone I know, get this so I can live vicariously through you and stare at it.

Ellie and I both loved this last one, too. The silvery, scroll-y pattern is so clean and yet so visually interesting. 
Oh, to have a chandelier in each room... and to have limitless rooms to hang them in....
I do love me some lights...

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