Thursday, September 1, 2011

Before and After...

I love a good makeover, don't you?
It's September 1st and the first day of school here! Fall has begun and therefore, Chandelierious celebrates with a little Fall makeover of it's own. 
Leopard print? Why, yes, thank you.
Speaking of makeovers, let's see what less than $20 worth of paint and little grunt work can do, shall we? Here are some before and after shots of the clock and china cabinet I have been working on.

I bought this clock from the Salvation Army years and years ago. For $3.99. If I remember correctly it was painted gold...and possibly black. It was over the top ornate, but I knew it could be fantastic. I loved the paint job I gave it back then, but, out with the old and in with the fuchsia!

It's similar tale with this china cabinet my parents gave me long ago. It began it's life a dark, heavy wood. But, it was too dated for me and I gave it the batter-bowl green with raw umber treatment. Again, I was very happy with it that way for a long time and it suited the surrounding decor. But, once we moved, the jadeite green just didn't feel right. 

We decided a glossy cream and vibrant citron would do the trick! It looks downright jovial! I am still placing the equally happy Mackenzie-Childs in its new home, but I think it's a perfect fit. For now...

I realize these colors are not for the faint of heart, but Eloise and I needed some serious updating for our new abode. And, the pieces we love really needed a fresh start of their own. I think the clock and china cabinet are happy with their facelifts. More to come!

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  1. I *love* it. Your new abode is looking perfectly gorgeous!