Saturday, September 10, 2011

Simply, Saturday, Simply Spicy...

Last Saturday I went someplace new: 
The Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio.

(Going to Cincinnati was an entirely new experience, as well, but that could be a post for another time.) Findlay Market had many blogworthy vendors, but this was the one I spent the most time at:

My photos can't really do justice to the countless variety of spices and powders and herbs and such. And the crowd was too big for a decent panoramic shot. But, I did capture a few images of some delicious looking things!

Lavender sugar? Amazing. Bourbon vanilla sugar? Can you imagine the Kentucky Derby drinks and goodies you might be able to concoct using that?!

If you know me, you surely know of my obsession with all things pumpkin. I didn't get to take a sniff of this one, but I imagine it would be an excellent addition to a savory sauce or a decadent baked treat.

Persian lime sugar makes me think of one of my favorite scents: the coconut and lime combination.
I didn't buy any of these, but I did get to sample and cook with some others, including:
Raspberry Powder. Wow. That powder was unbelievable aromatic. I can almost still smell it. We used it in a chicken marinade mixture and in a pancake batter. I think it would be heavenly mixed into some homemade whipped cream. A little goes a long, long way. It was potent and delicious.
Maple powder was as delectable as it sounds. It was like tiny maple sugar granules, but less intense than, say, maple sugar candy. Maple is another of my all time favorite flavors. I would like to try THAT in a pancake or waffle batter, too.
The rosemary garlic salt was as salty and savory as it sounds... I would love to shake it on some popcorn!
We also sampled beet root powder, which was a gorgeous purple-y pink color and smoked Hungarian paprika, which was deep red and rich with flavor. If I were only more of a foodie, I could really dive into the depths of the tastes and aromas. But, as a more esthetic  loving person, I can tell you they sure were just plain pretty to look at!
There is a website, so see and shop Colonel De for yourself! 

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