Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simply, Saturday...spotted!

I'll admit, my style has been more CB2 than Pier 1 lately, but, man, walking into a color saturated Pier 1 always gets my blood pumping! 
I think I'll write a post about this eventually, but, while my love for the more stark and mod is still very real, it's now being blended with tinges of... Elizabeth. Or, whimsy. 
Yes, I think that word covers it. Whimsy. I love to take a style, any style, and add something punchy, unexpected, maybe sassy, or whimsical to it. That's my stamp. That is what makes it uniquely mine. And, isn't that what personal design is supposed to be?
But, I am getting off track! Today is a simple post. Simply, Saturday, right?
Well,  look what I spotted at Pier 1:

Must. Have. Quirky. Halloween. Owl.
How cute is this thing? It didn't come home with me yesterday (and that's something I will remedy). But, these did:

Pink, purple, teal and green embroidered chair pads. Here's the kicker: they were on clearance from $25.00 to $6. I am sorry to tell you...
 I bought them all.
There were other styles though.  Pier 1 (and a quick stop at the Christmas Tree Shop) never fails to, at the very least, whet your color and design appetite. Go get inspired!

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