Friday, September 23, 2011


Ellie and I have been spending quite a bit of time personalizing our new chateau as of late. That also means we have been spending quite a bit of time in places like Home Depot as of late.
While we were there recently, choosing our glossy pink and chartreuse paints, we came across something really sparkly and new. Literally. The Martha Stewart glitter paint.
It is everything I love in a tiny bottle. Color, glitter, gloss, fabulousness....
Need I say more?
We bought a container of the red and a container of the purple.

I used the red glitter to highlight some areas of an old, black framed mirror that was once my Grandmothers. That mirror hangs in the front hallway, so I purposely used just one coat around the edges to simply hint that something a little bit... different... might be waiting inside. 

The purple paint we chose for Eloise, on the other hand, isn't subtle at all. The bronze starburst mirror from over her bed was transformed from something classic to something perfectly suited to a vibrant, energetic, hot color loving, almost 8 year old (and her mother).

To create this, more dramatic, transformation we brushed on a coat of violet tester paint (from the butterfly blog post) as a base. Three coats of glitter paint later, and voila!

Happy Ellie.

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