Monday, October 17, 2011

More Monday Make-overs....

Does taking a completely blank slate and tweaking it as inspiration strikes count as a make over? I kind of think so. I could be wrong, in which case, I'm sorry and thanks for hanging out with me anyway. When we moved into our girl pad the dining area (and every other part of the apartment for that matter) was barren and neutral, but utterly pristine and just waiting for someone to come along and love on it a little bit. Ellie and I were perfect for the job.

I already had the chairs. Basic.  And, again, neutral. The mod rug was Target's doing and I found the iron and glass table on Craigslist. I knew the glass would be the perfect surface for a multitude of uses including, of course, eating, but also homework and crafts... 
It's also ideal for small spaces since, visually, it doesn't appear bulky, but airy. 
So, I played here and there, deciding what I wanted to do with the space. While I am allowed to paint the walls, I wasn't sure that was the direction I wanted to go in and therefore opted not to. These days, I like keeping the background somewhat plain and adding really strong pops of color elsewhere instead. Keeping in mind that I wasn't going to paint, I still needed a striking statement on the dining room wall. What else but a huge vinyl wall cling of Audrey Hepburn's face could do the trick? I mean, right? 

I admit, she stayed up on the wall in her pre-stuck form, dangling by tape for awhile. I wasn't brave enough to tackle a cling of this size. And, in all honesty, I didn't. My friend Arlie did. But, now? Now I could handle that. 

(Hi, Arlie!)

I think Audrey looks amazing. She is graphic and gorgeous, and grand...
A pure white chandelier was hung up in place of the probably more practical ceiling fan (because, on a rare occasion, beauty trumps practicality). And, I painted the iron table a shade called "Sunflower." A glossy, deep yellow. But, I like to call it "Tommy" yellow because it reminds me of that musical and precious time in my life. Some sassy cushions were added to the chairs and an old, empty, gold frame I've had for years went up on the back wall to"frame" the light fixture.  I actually just added more gold frames of various shapes and sizes around it. No pictures of that. Yet.

It's still a work in progress... like it's "designer".... but, for now, it it feeling like home.

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