Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tips-y Tuesday

In the words of Sandra Lee (google her, I love her) I am keeping it "super simple" today.
This tip is like an awesome, back to basics, science experiment using 2 items you likely have in your kitchen.


Tin foil.

Did you know that if you put some lemon juice (or lime juice, in fact) on a piece of tin foil, it cleans and polishes chrome? Or stainless steel? I had no idea until my friend cleaned the rust and general "oldness" off my bike recently, using this method. Who knew? Love it.
According to my sources, squeeze the juice onto a piece of foil. "The more, the merrier."
And? Rub it onto the metal surface as if you were polishing it. Done.
Be prepared for it to be a little bit messy, as the chemical reaction creates a blackish film. Maybe keep some rags near by or throw on some gloves, or,  just tread lightly...
A totally "green" and safe way to make something sparkle and shine using items you have at home anyway. 
Now, that's a tip.

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