Friday, October 21, 2011

E is for Elizabeth & Ellie!

Once upon a time, there was an empty, almost sad and sorry, looking section of wall next to our front door. Being on the same wall as the hot pink clock and citron painted china cabinet, this spot just whimpered "help me." This little patch of plaster and dry wall wanted to be special, too. The notion of a letter "E" collection seemed appropriate and once that idea settled in my head, I was on a mission.

Ellie and I already had a few letter "E's" from our previous home just lying in wait. But, I wanted to make this collection different, new, updated, and... "us." Something that could hang, literally, with all the other lively objects in the living room. I wanted big ones, little ones, cursive ones, colorful ones...
I knew just where to go for the coveted letters: Hobby Lobby. I knew they'd be there and I also knew they would likely be 50% off.  (About Hobby Lobby: If what you want isn't on sale this week, it will be the next...and if for some rare reason it isn't? Hobby Lobby almost always has a 40% off coupon on their website to print out. So, seriously, sweet deal.)

Of course the store had exactly what I needed. I even laid out a little pattern right there on the linoleum. I think the ampersand is the perfect accent to break up the monotony and being that the E's represent Elizabeth AND Eloise, absolutely appropriate.
Naturally, once home, the pattern was remapped, and slightly altered on the berber.

Some were hung with nails and some were hung with Command Strips. (Oh, how I lovelovelove the Command Strip! I even blogged about it once. Look!)

No longer "sad" or empty,  for under $30.00, the wall is quirky and cheerful, and personal...
E & E like it. 


  1. LOVE these. Everything you've done in your new home is so cheerful & gorgeous!

  2. Perfect touch for that spot, Elizabeth! Love them! Every photo I've seen of your place shows your natural flair for making the unexpected look beautiful and perfectly at home where you place it. You are such a gifted decorator!

  3. Thank you so much you sweet and wonderful ladies!