Saturday, December 31, 2011

Simply, Saturday: Shopping!

If you happen to have a little time this weekend between New Years Eve events to do a little online or out and about shopping, you should check out my friend Jack's stores! Jack is an artist. And everything he touches becomes a masterpiece.  Seriously. Right now you can shop his shops on Etsy: FrenchFolly, or peruse his wares in person at The Shops on West Ridge. His West Ridge stores are called A Horse With Wings & Willowbend. They are located on the lower level and are gorgeous! Also, today and tomorrow only, take 50% off!
Get thee there pronto! Take a peek at the beauty...

I dropped by the other day and only had my camera phone with me, so please excuse the poor photos and drool knowing that they only capture a little bit of the luxe. You'll find romantic and vintage inspired clothing, gifts and home and garden furnishings.
The shops also have a Facebook page to visit with more pictures and information.
Oh, and did I mention that Jack also happens to be the Artistic Director of Blackfriars Theater? Yup. He is. (See what I mean about art and masterpieces?) So, I would be totally remiss not to mention that his latest show, Tom Foolery, that I happen to be in, is still going strong. We are sold out for the 7pm show tonight, but seats are available for the 10pm performance and for the shows on the 5-7th.
What ever you end up doing on this New Years Eve day, I hope it's fantastic....
As for Ellie and I, well, we are snuggled up in Mommy's bed, still in our jammies, with no intention of moving until completely necessary. Perfect.

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