Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day

Do you believe in New Years Resolutions?
I'm not sure that I do. 
I should clarify... it's not that I don't believe in them, I just don't make them, personally. 
Oh, I think it's awesome that people use January 1st as the first day of their "new" lives...
Making changes, doing better, living better, and so on. I do. If I had a major life change to kick start, like, quitting smoking, for example, then, yes! New Years Day is perfect. Whatever works! Go on with your bad self and your New Years resolutions!
As for me, I woke up, like I do every morning, hoping to maintain balance, positivity, awareness, and love in my life. I will continue to do that daily, for the rest of my days...
That said, one thing that I do hope happens in 2012 is more music in my life. 
I want a guitar. 
And, I want to learn how to play it.
I don't need to be great at it. I would just love to sit down with one, sing, and make something pretty happen. Over the last few weeks I have been hunting around online for one and I think I may have found her...
It's a "her" for obvious reasons.

I am saving some of my rainy day pennies, and she will happen. I will scope out some local guitar lessons, and that will happen, too.  And when she (who will be named, of course) isn't in use, she will make an amazing addition to our home as a piece of art. I mean, look at her! She begs to be on display! 
In the meantime, it sits in my virtual shopping cart. And, while I wait, I will continue the whole waking up every day in search of some sunshine. And I hope you do, too! 
Happy 2012! 
Here's hoping your dreams and resolutions come true!

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