Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the love of Andrea, Lorraine and Adelaide....

I wasn't going to write about this, but, this blog is a snapshot of my life. Mostly, the really wonderful parts that I am inspired to share, or, the silly things I hope you might get a kick out of. But, sometimes, life happens, and happens hard. And, tragically. 
I wrote recently about my newborn niece, Adelaide. What I didn't write about was my sister Andrea, and her partner Lorraine, and the journey that culminated in adopting their daughter, my niece, Adelaide. It was a long one. One that was dreamed of for many, many years... one that was hoped and tried for, for many years. Ultimately, the adoption route was taken this past year, and they got the call of their lives a few weeks ago. It was Addie. She came home to all of us on her one week birthday. 
And we lost her a day later.
There are still no words that could adequately express both the joy of her arrival, and the sadness of her passing. The details don't matter here. What matters is that Andrea and Lorraine were the mommies of a beautiful little girl that was taken far too soon. They will always be her mommies. I will always be her Aunt. The few perfect moments with her will always be locked in our hearts and minds. 
Adelaide was loved, adored, wanted. She had a family. In her short time here, she had loving family, and her little soul had to have felt that. I believe she felt that. (If only because we West women are extremely demonstrative!)
As the days go by, and slow healing begins to happen, Andrea and Lorraine's community of friends have put together an event. A benefit. Because, yes, it's a very delicate, yet complicated situation, and, it's the right thing to do. 
For Adelaide. For them. For hope.
Adelaide Hope.
Please take a look at the event information on Facebook and below. 

Thank you.

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