Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hi, Chandelierious friends! 
Well, I did it. Yesterday I went ahead and got my feet wet over at Chic & Green with a little introductory post as the new "Thrifty and Fabulous" editor. I'm excited about this new adventure and truly hope you'll follow me back and forth, read Karley's blog, and get inspired. Or, at the very least, maybe entertained a little bit!
I'll remind you that Chic & Green is: an MSNBC Going Green Network Blog, an NBC Today Show Network Blog Partner and is among the top 5% of the most popular blogs nationwide. So, naturally, I am honored, excited, thrilled, and yeah, kinda stoked. (Thank's, Karley!)
Here's what I shared there yesterday...

Hello, Chic & Green-ers!
Please allow me to introduce myself....
I'm Elizabeth: Friend to Karley. Mommy to Ellie. Family to many. Blogger to my readers at Chandelierious. Sometimes a singer/actor. Always a lover of incredibly thrifty finds or projects! As a newly single mom, that last part, being thrifty? That's now sort of a necessity. And I know I am not alone in that!  Even before that, though, I found much more joy and satisfaction in the thrill of the hunt than in the ease of buying a mass-produced end table at Target. (That said, I love me some Target, and probably do have one of their end tables somewhere. I digress.)
Finding something at the Salvation Army for a couple of dollars, for example, and turning it into a personal, one-of-a-kind conversation piece is really, really fun. And easy! And you can absolutely do it, too. All you just need is a little time (and, believe me, I understand that novelty), an imagination, and maybe some paint and a glue gun. It's amazing what you can accomplish with a little paint and a glue gun!
I crave discovery, creation, transformation, repurposing, making things beautiful... and doing it all on a budget. That's what I'll be sharing here as Chic and Green's new 'Thrifty and Fabulous" editor! 
I will be back soon with something fabulous up my thrifty little sleeve!

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  1. How appropriate since you yourself are both thrifty and fabulous. Congratulations lady! xoxo