Monday, January 23, 2012

I Heart Nerds.

It's true. I heart nerds. Or, actually, correction, apparently I heart geeks. There's a difference. I learned this through Pinterest not too long ago. From this handy guide below, in fact.

(click here to read it full size... in my semi computer illiterateness, I don't know how to magnify this picture so you can actually, you know, read it. My bad.)

And, geek is chic. There are a plethora of products out there right now celebrating the pocket protector and horn rimmed glasses. I say, right on. 
Take a look at these:

I absolutely love this nerd pillow from Etsy. So cute! It's made, cleverly, from a men's dress shirt. For $40.00 it comes with the cushion insert.

 This Nerds are Sexy necklace  was also an Etsy find. But, here's a tip: they sell the eyeglasses charm at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. Make your own! I am!

Eloise loves nerds, too, and wears the love proudly with her Harajuku Mini wear from Target.

When I found this set of prints on Pinterest, my first thought was: Must. Have. These.
 I couldn't locate where it might be for sale, so, of course, I plan to make my own version soon. 

So, spread the nerd love. The geek love. The dweeb and dork love for that matter. It's all good.

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