Monday, April 23, 2012

Hot Color Trend: Yellow & Gray

Every season a "new" color combination pops into vogue and becomes highly visible in fashion and home decor. In the past it's been pink and green,  brown and aqua... last year the fresh combo of black, white and lime green was a clear winner. Right now, more than any other collection of color, I see sunny yellow paired with various shades of gray. It's lovely. It's serene. It's bright, but, not in your face. It's subtle. It's stylish.
My Mom and Dad just asked me to help them revamp their dining room. My Mother suggested gray. My daughter Ellie stepped right in with her opinions and said: Yellow.
She wants it bright and cheerful. I reminded her this isn't our apartment. Grandma and Papa might want something a wee bit more... well, not Andy Warhol. Something fun but sophisticated. I am thinking the gray/yellow scheme might just fit the bill.

These rooms below are beautiful examples of "fun yet sophisticated."

Here's the color combo on a wedding cake! Gorgeous.

As far as my parent's dining room is concerned, here are a couple examples of easy changes we could make.... 

I love these curtains from Land Of Nod!

This rug from is a terrific balance of fun and sophisticated.

And as for paint... well, we'll see. I am thinking the dove gray on the walls. But, perhaps both gray and yellow separated by a bright white chair rail molding might be fantastic.
Stay tuned!

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