Friday, April 20, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I know I usually go on and on about bright colors in my posts. Hot raspberry pink for example. It's luscious and vibrant and juicy and lively. 
It is all those things. That said, I do love me some gorgeous, soft, calm, delicate petal pink. Sigh. 
Whatever you'd like to call it: Baby girl pink, ballerina pink or peony pink, it's the shade of lovely. It's the blush on your cheeks. It's divine paired with grey, green, yellow, orange, red, aqua... Come to think of it, there really isn't any color it doesn't compliment!
And it shouldn't have to be a hue typically reserved for feminine clothing, paint or decor. Nope. No way.

Real men wear pink.
( I won't link to this Ralph Lauren sweater, though, since it's $400 price tag is absurd. )
Go to Marshalls and you'll be golden.

A perfectly pale pink paint will make your complexion glow and provide a neutral background for art. True story. Look...

This shade is called "Loveable" by Sherwin Williams.

I have a collection of opaque pink vases in my bedroom. I found them a few years ago at Ikea for only a few dollars each...

These emerald cut post earrings from Etsy are so sweet.... And only $12.00!

Pink makes me smile so much, that I just created a new Pinterest board dedicated to it's glory. 
Go be blushed! Happy Friday, everyone...

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. My light pink polo is one of my favorites!!