Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring & Summer Brights!

Believe it or not, I wasn't always someone who gravitated toward bright, vibrant color.
For a long time I believed I wanted to live among the watery, pastel colors. The "Shabby Chic" style in particular: washed out aqua blue, distressed pale pink... lots and lots of bright and airy white... 
This style still appeals to me. It's gorgeous. 
There's no doubt. And I still incorporate parts it into my current decor schemes. I just found that, for me, it wasn't as livable as I assumed it would be.
I need more. I crave color that invigorates me. 
That makes me feel alive, spunky and inspired. Raspberry pink, saturated sunflower yellow, rich peacock blue, citron green, ruby red... Then I temper it all with shades of white or gray, ground it all with hints of black, and create less clutter and heaviness with things like furniture and drapery.
I think I have a combination going for me now that invokes zest, but also peace. 
Happy and peaceful. Love it.
Anyway, here are a few products that I think would be perfect examples of such a things.

This Damask Turquoise Upholstered Armless Chair from Overstock would look smashing with an orange, yellow or pink graphic patterned pillow against it! At less than $145.00 it won't break the bank either!

French Bull makes some of the cutest melamine serving ware I have ever seen!
Among other things like plates, bowls and platters, their cake stand is one of the happiest ways to serve dessert and it's virtually indestructible! 
Perfect for outdoor dining...

This adorably cheery and retro inspired clock is available on Amazon for only $19.99.

Here is a perfect, real life example of my thinking I wanted to live with one thing and realizing: Um. No. That's just not gonna do it for me.
I need more "happy."
You might remember my recent mini bathroom redo...

Cute. It's cute. It works. It cost nothing to do... but, ultimately, it was too heavy for me and I just went another route this week.
Hello, lively! I understand this might be way too much for some, but it works for me!
Thank you, Woodland Garden Shower Curtain, for adding more sass to my life.

Lastly, for the ultimate in bright, happy, livable design, check out designer Jonathan Adler's books and website. He's inspiring!


  1. I am desperately looking to buy that Urban Outfitters Woodland Garden shower curtain! Are you ready to part with yours yet and sell it!? :)

  2. I know it's a long shot, but doesn't hurt to ask! If so, email me at :)