Friday, April 13, 2012

Thrifty & Fabulous!

Hi, there!
Time for something thrifty and fabulous!
So...I had an idea a few weeks ago about an empty space on my dining room wall.
This spot right here:

The space I am referring to is inside the large oval frame. (I have since added more empty frames around this one as you'll see below.)
I love the quirky collection of empty frames. I also love that, from the right angle, the big oval appears to literally outline the chandelier.
But, I wanted to add more to that negative space somehow. 
My idea played off of the Audrey wall and the concept of a really big cameo "brooch". 
Why not a big ol' piece of cameo jewelry for the wall? Right? Right.
First, I tried to just get my hands on a large, old fashioned silhouette.
I looked online to see if there were handy peel and stick vinyl ones available.
I looked online to see if I could track down an original one.
Then, I got wise and decided to just get crafty. 
And cheap. (Crafty & Cheap = Thrifty & Fabulous)
I googled, of all things, Barbie silhouettes.

I printed one out and headed to the Dollar Store for a .50 cent piece of black poster board.
Using the printed picture as a template, I loosely outlined a larger version, scrapping the tiara. For .50 cents I had nothing to lose and half a piece of poster board left if I needed to try again!
I cut it out, put some plain old scotch tape on the back and slapped it right up on the wall.
And, I kind of love it!

Who knows? Maybe I will make some more little ones for the other frames...
For now, though, I like this. 
It's silly and whimsical and girlie and graphic. 
And the best part? It was almost free.

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