Monday, April 16, 2012


Why I avoided Pinterest after first hearing about it over a year ago I will never know. 
Too busy? Preoccupied? Not particularly interested in adding more "new" into my life? 
Maybe all those things. 
Whatever, Elizabeth!
If nothing else, it's eye candy. The elusive eyesore pops up every once in awhile, but, mostly, it's all drool worthy. Literally, in the cases of food pictures and recipes!
And while, yes, I can linger there for hours searching, browsing, liking and pinning, I do think, unlike other vices, it serves a purpose. 
It inspires. It might lead you to finding the perfect recipe, or pillow, or make-up design, or hair color....

Some recent Pinterest gems for you:

Banana Cream Pie in Chocolate Chip Cookie Crust

I mean, really...

Reusable Eco-friendly Paper Towel Set

Need. Want. Totally worth the $48.00, I think. Brilliant.

Adorable nail designs to try on Miss Lulu's little fingers...

Vintage Street Sign  for sale on Etsy.

For obvious reasons I sort of feel like I should own this!

Looking for inspiration of any sort? Dinner? Paint colors? Crafty solutions to everyday problems? It's there! Check it out! In the meantime, I will continue to periodically share some of my favorite findings...
Happy Monday, all...

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