Monday, May 7, 2012

Derby Day!

Kentucky Derby Day has now come and gone...
But, the fun, the food, the frivolity and the finery 
(oh yes, those hats!) can be enjoyed any old time. My friends Karen and Dirk host the ultimate soiree at their home every year. 
It is an Event, with a capital E.
I thought I would share a few recipes and pictures to commemorate Saturday May 5th!
Cinco de Derby!

One delectable dish served at the party is
Hot Brown.  We had it served casserole style, but, traditionally, it is a sandwich. And oh, what a sandwich. (click for the recipe!)

Dessert is also a must at a Derby Party. 
Or, any party... 
Or, frankly, any old day of any old week, party or no party.
There was quite a variety the other day, but the one that literally took the cake was
Coconut Cream Pie. Ugh....

I did *not* have a Mint Julep this year.
Instead I tried a Mint Margarita! Delish!

Lastly, a Derby Party is not a Derby Party without a hat. 

The hat.

It was my honor to wear this one, made by my friend, Jack, the Artistic Director of Blackfriars Theatre. Not sure how on earth I will be able to top this one next year!
(P.S. Go see Grey Gardens!!)

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