Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Simple Things...

When I say "it's the simple things..." I really mean it.
I am lucky enough to be working from home today. And, this very second, I sit on my covered porch watching the sky having turned from blue to gray. 
I hear the rumble of thunder in the distance and I am just now seeing droplets begin to fall.
This is the stuff I mean when I say the "simple things."
Sitting here, safely listening and watching, typing on my MacBook... this is one of those "Oh my God, this is just freaking great" moments.
I am grateful for them.  
And, I am grateful that I know enough to recognize and enjoy them.
Ooo, now I smell the storm! 
And see the lightning!
Here it is.
Excuse me while I just sit and experience it's simple awesomeness.

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