Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend: Red, White & Blue!

Long holiday weekend ahoy! 
(ahoy...get it? Red, white, blue... nautical...sailors.... no? Oh well, I tried!)
Time to honor our fallen soldiers and celebrate those who still stand and serve our country.  In honor of this weekend I thought I would post a little something about red, white and blue and the various variations that infamous combo comes in. 
Maybe you'll see something you want to make for your holiday picnic... or wear to it!
Here we go...
First, the yummies:

How cute and simple are these? Strawberries dipped in melted white chocolate, re-dipped in blue sugar sprinkles! 

This Royal Blue Cocktail sounds delicious and looks fantastic! (nerd alert/side-note: as a child I was obsessed with blue foods and drinks. They seemed so...unusually awesome.)

Hosting a party? Get your Martha Stewart on (seriously, this is a Martha thing, click the link!) with these festive sand candle holders!

I can't end this post without some fantastic nautical fashion, can I? Of course not.
These looks are classic. 
Red, white and blue done right.

Happy, safe Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!

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