Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Theater Love: Parade & Grey Gardens

We know how I feel about live theater. 
And, we know how I feel about my friends.
I ferociously love both!
When the two are combined, well, let me at 'em!
Right now my friends at Blackfriars Theatre are in the midst of their run of Grey Gardens.
I saw it. It's rather stunning. Honestly. 
(If you have seen the documentary, you get that...)
If you aren't familiar with the true tale of Big and Little Edie and Grey Gardens, please check out this link. These real life characters are brilliantly channeled thru Sarah Peters and Vicki Casarett.

Another musical that just opened last weekend at the JCC is Parade. I haven't seen this one yet, but I can't wait! I have a handful of very good friends starring in this, including my dear friend Janine as Lucille Frank. (Check out Janine's blog here!) Parade is the true story of a man, Leo Frank, wrongly accused of murder in 1913 Atlanta. 
No, it's not Annie. But, who needs Annie? 
Let's expand our musical horizons, right? Right!

I really hope you take advantage of some of the extreme talent we have here in Rochester!
(Break legs, my friends!)

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