Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thrifty and Fabulous!

It's fair to say that "fabulous" is in the eye of it's beholder, right? I mean, sure, there are some very "wrong answers," but, for the most part, like art, it's subjective.
But "thrifty?" Well, thrifty is just thrifty! A deal is a deal. A dollar is a dollar! 

I had been jonesing for a bathroom mini make-over recently. When Ellie and I moved into our apartment we weren't in a position to get new everything. So, I pieced together a cute, little (very girlie) bathroom with things we already had. And we liked it! 

We still like it. A few months from now we might even switch back to it! It was just time for a change. A small one we made awhile back was adding a much needed medicine cabinet. One didn't come with the apartment. Believe me when I say, once you've had one, you can't NOT have one. I found this on Craigslist for $10.00 and gave it a hot pink paint once-over.

Alright. Good start. Bright and fun, but we still needed a little something more....
I present to you a very mini, thrifty, maybe fabulous, bathroom make-over!

We bought this harlequin shower curtain last Spring in N.Y.C. for $12.99. I loved it because it was graphic and reminded me a little bit of my beloved Mackenzie- Childs.  I didn't want to drown our little room in black, so I added pops of bright raspberry, lemon and lime. Yummy, right? I did this quite thriftily with a few hand towels from Target. The tissue box came that way (thank you, Kleenex brand for the sassy cardboard boxes!).  I had the vase and flower already. Instant color there! And Audrey? Poor Audrey, who was stashed away in a closet (that is wrong on so many levels), was rescued and put on display. I added some ribbon I had lying around the apartment for a little bit of whimsy.

Next up, a trip to the Dollar Tree for some more ribbon! In fact, I think Ellie and I are headed there this evening. I am going to replace the cold, metal shower rings with some colorful strands to liven things up even more. 
There's only so much you're allowed to do in an apartment bathroom...
When all is said and done,  this little room will have gotten a rather dramatic mini make-over for under $35.00. Not too bad at all...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Simply, Saturday

Way, way, way back in November of 2010, I did a post called Going Global...
It was all about the ways maps and globes could be a focal part in home decor.
I found something on Pinterest the other day that reiterated that post perfectly!

I don't know about you, but I think this is a FANTASTIC look. 
What a great way to add character to your home office or den. Love it!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: "My Tiara"

Found this on Pinterest the other day!
(follow me, won't you?! It's fun!)

Sounds yummy! I don't know about you, but,
I could definitely be thirsty!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ruffles and Bows!

So, you may have noticed, I'm a girlie girl. Naturally that means things like ruffles and bows are my friends. The obvious place for them is on a dress or in your hair, of course. 
But, you know me. They belong everywhere!
Let's explore...

Who says a "fanny pack" has to be lame? Not me! And, certainly not THIS one from Etsy!

I lovelovelove this simple, pretty, bow ring. Also from Etsy, and less than $11!

Let's take this into home decor, shall we? This navy and white striped bow pillow is perfectly simple and casual. The bow adds just the right bit of "oomph". 

Back to fabulous fashion, with this Calvin Klein ruffle dress from Overstock. 
So chic and timeless. This would look great belted, too.

And, the piece de resistance ? The Wall Monkeys huge vinyl bow! How cute is this?!
It would be an obvious choice during the holidays, but why not over a bed?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Week of Love & Lovely Things: Saturday

And so, Valentine's/Love/Lovely Things Week draws to a close....
Valentines, love, and lovely things aren't just for grown ups, obviously! No way.
My Ellie is the ultimate Valentine! Here's a lovely thing with her and your little ones in mind.
Recycled love crayons (Set of 8 for $7.00) from ScribbleMeMine on Etsy! Adorable! 
They come in all sorts of shapes, but the "Love" ones are a perfect way to finish up Love Week, don't you think?

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Week of Love & Lovely Things: Friday

Classic. Romantic. Sweet. 
Need I say more?
See for yourself...

The Tree Print Pillow ...

Or  The Birch Tree Pillow by Cozy Blue.

Fantastic wedding gift idea! 
I can't decide which I like better!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Week of Love & Lovely Things: Thirsty Thursday

"A Week of Love and Lovely Things" continues with Thirsty Thursday, of course!
How delectable and sinful does this one sound?

Love Potion #9

1 oz Absolut Vodka
1 oz Amaretto Almond Liqueur
1 oz Peach Schnapps
1 oz Orange Juice
1 oz Cranberry Juice

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake, and serve on the rocks.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Week of Love & Lovely Things: Wednesday

One of the best things I have found on Etsy yet!
I love these! I want to get a mismatched set for my everyday silverware....
What a nice way to show "your love" your love when they're eating a bowl of, oh, I don't know, Grapenuts or something in the morning.
So. Cute.
This upcycled spoon by SycamoreHill is only $16.50. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Week of Love & Lovely Things: Tuesday

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today's lovely thing?
Pier 1's Heart Bookends!
Copper hearts on a wood base. $19.99 for the pair.
Sweet, simple... lovely.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Week of Love & Lovely Things: Monday

A romantic Etsy find! 
The initial ring by Cindy Lou.
Simple and perfect. 
This one is $20.99 and made of brass and sterling silver.
(It's also available in a single initial option.)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Week of Love & Lovely Things: Sunday.

In honor of Valentine's Day, Chandelierious will be posting romantic, sweet, and lovely things every day this week. Commencing: now. 
First up:
I would love to dream in these...
The Love Letters sheet and duvet sets from Anthropologie. 
Yes, very decadent, but oh, so gorgeous, luxurious, and romantic.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Simply, Saturday

I found something on Pinterest last week that I thought was divine.  Check it:

The dresser.
Love. It. 
I love the use as a buffet, yes. And, I have repurposed a bedroom dresser this way before. What I really dig is the paint treatment this was given. I have yet to test the theory, but I *think* this would be really easy to do! Naturally, you would only want to paint a piece of furniture thats finish is wearing thin... that needs a facelift.
What this looks like to me is some carefully placed painter's tape... layered strategically on the wood in a starburst pattern and painted over. After some good curing time, the tape is removed and voila!
I would love to give this a try. If and when I do, it'll be posted here, of course. 
In the meantime, just thought I'd share!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Valentine's Day Edition!

It's the Thursday before Valentine's Day and I haven't posted Thirsty Thursday style in far too long! My "big plans" for the 14th include some snuggle time with my sweet Valentine of a daughter, but maybe you have a special dinner out, or in, on the horizon. Whether your Valentine is a friend or a beloved, here's a delicious sounding cocktail (with the most romantic of titles) for the main event:

The Romeo and Juliet Cocktail

*1 1/2 oz Patron Silver Tequila
*1/2 oz Grand Marnier
*1/4 oz Chambord or Raspberry Liquor
*2 oz chilled peach juice
*3 maraschino cherries (garnish)
*orange peel spiral (garnish)

Put ice into a cocktail shaker. 
Pour all the liquid ingredients over the ice and shake. 
Pour into martini glass. 
Garnish with the orange peel and cherries and make pretty like the picture!
And, cross your fingers in hopes you meet the love of your life and your ending is happier than Romeo and Juliet's.
(insert smile and wink here.)
Happy Valentine's Day!

                    (Props to for the recipe!)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simply, Saturday: Spotted!

Happy Saturday!
Spotted: Black and white, tufted, chandelier print chair!
Get thee to Marshalls!
There were two at the Irondequoit store. $199.99.
One for each side of the fireplace or heads of the dining table.
Not the cheapest thing in the world, but obviously quite the chandelierious conversation piece!

(Sigh... why do I not NEED this?! I want to need, and have room for this!)