Monday, November 15, 2010

Go Global...

You probably have one. Might be the one from your childhood, mostly blue, still having that vintage school house scent to it. Or, maybe you have one that has been passed down through the generations, slightly browned and wrinkled over the years. OR, perhaps you have one of those handy ones with the Northern Hemisphere that lifts up to reveal a well stocked bar. Lucky you. In any case, chances are, you have a globe somewhere. Globes are one of the simplest, most affordable ways to add classic intelligence to your home. They're obvious choices in the den or home office, of course. But, I once saw an article in a decorating magazine that featured a playroom/family room whose built in shelves lining the upper perimeter of the room housed a collection of dozens of old school globes. It was a great look! 

I have a couple Thompson Family heirlooms showcased in the living room, myself.
(But, you know what? It really needs a third, larger one to make the look complete!)

I also pay homage to our lovely earth with this vase.

Consider digging out your globe and adding one or two more of different sizes and colors. Put them on a table or a shelf and voila! Instant classic, classy and smart. Take a look at what the Christmas Tree Shop had on display recently:

Or, as mentioned above, get yourself stocked up for Thirsty Thursdays with this Global bar, from my old online shopping standby,
Perhaps the good old globe just isn't your cup of tea. To that I say, good for you...come back tomorrow and maybe I'll have something more up your alley in store. Till then, lets just be agreed Mother Earth is a truly Chandelierious thing.

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