Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tips-y Tuesday

Today's topic is less of a Tips-y Tuesday and more of a Two Cents Tuesday, if you will.  You know that china you fell in love with years back and keep packaged up tight and dust free, stashed away in your china cabinet waiting for the next big extravaganza? If you love it that much, why keep it tucked away? If it's so lovely, why not show it off? If not for others to enjoy, then simply for your own viewing pleasure...
I say, take it out and put it out. Take it out and put it up. Or, better yet, take it out and use it. If it's rare and expensive and your teeth chatter to think about daily usage, then don't. But, why not display it? If you rarely use your dining room table and it sits there empty, why not set it? If only because it looks beautiful. I understand that our tables are often a catchall for purses, homework, mail etc. I don't keep my dining room table set, but I do display my favorite dishes all over the house. They are behind the china cabinet window, or on the buffet, or covering the walls of the dining room and kitchen. I collect Mackenzie Childs hand painted majolica and to me, it's far too glorious to pack away. Quite plainly, it makes me happy to look at it. It's bright and cheerful and reminds me of going into Parkleigh as a little girl, gazing at the display of Mackenzie and wishing to have my own collection someday. Well, I'm a big girl now and I have my collection. I want to enjoy it. Everyday. So, today, it's just a suggestion. If it's lovely and you love it, hang it up. It's free art you already own! A grouping of various sized plates is a great remedy for that empty space on the wall...and here's an actual tip for you,  you can get those little plate holder do-dads at the dollar store! 


  1. I love MC. I collect it and I am the resident MC artist here in my area. There's nothing more refreshing than MC wares!!

    Thanks for sharing. Go to my site and see the shard tree I made!!

    Warm Hugs,