Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feeling Chandelierious...

By now you're well aware of my almost unnatural adoration for those shiny, sparkly, gloriously drippy fixtures of light that dangle from the ceiling. We've covered that. Instead, let's talk about the perfection that is the chandelier silhouette. Specifically, the image of said silhouette used on a variety of home furnishings. Be still my heart. Love.
It's not quite as trendy as the monogram, but the image of a single chandelier is very popular....(ehem, as Chandelierious thinks it should be, ehem.)
 So, how can one go about adding a bit of chandelier fab to one's abode you wonder?
Wall art, perhaps? But, of course...
This wall decal is available at Target. Peel and stick style. Nice! A grouping of these would be doubly fantastic. Or...
If a mouse pad could be chic, this one from 3DRose would qualify:
Linens, you ask? Why, yes...that, too!
How darling is this comforter set by Dwellstudio for Target?  I'm picturing a girlie girl, teen room. This, teamed with a smokey gray/purple paint and 40's inspired mirrored furniture. Fantastic.

Surely, it goes without saying that I have a few items up my sleeve, as well. So, I won't "say it". But, I'll show you a small assortment instead and call it a day.
(a chandelierious one.)

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