Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tips-y Tuesday!

Another magical item to share. Another item you've probably got in your cleaning arsenal.... Presenting:

                                                                The Magic Eraser
The magic eraser = genius. Where was this product of epic proportions all my life? Waiting to be invented, I suppose. My personal favorite usage of the handy, dandy eraser is removing those dastardly scuff marks from the hardwood or tile floors.  It *does* occasionally remove a bit of the shiny finish off the wood floors, but a spritz of cooking oil spray on your finger will make that spot good as new. (Just don't overuse and be sure to rub in well, or you'll be sliding across the floor like Tom Cruise in his white button down and Ray Bans.)
More great uses?
* removes tarnish from silver
*removes marks (and marker!) from walls and trim
*removes hair dye from floors and bathroom counters
*removes hard stains from stove tops
*cleans grimy dirt from plastic kids toys and refrigerator handles

It's a little miracle sponge this mama can't do without.
What are your favorite ways to use the Magic Eraser?


  1. * do NOT use it on your skin. I have a scar to prove it. :)

  2. Oh, Eddy....lol...I HOPE that's not true! :)