Monday, November 1, 2010

Granny Chic

"Granny Chic" is a term floating around the decorating universe right now,  describing a style that incorporates things you might have found in your Grandmother's home, once upon a time. Flowery wallpaper, old metal beds, maybe an heirloom Grandfather Clock.... Of course, I have my own version of it. Mine includes anything that reminds me of one of my grandmothers, the fabulous Winifred West. (and when I say fabulous you should absolutely envision a woman in fur, hat, heels, gloves and oodles of rhinestone studded costume jewelry. THAT'S her.)
Wee little me sat at her vanity table trying on jewels, wigs and an endless array of lipstick. We are so blessed to have her still with us, but over the years I've inherited many of her treasures. Our guest room, mentioned in "Got The Time", is sort of an homage to all my grandparents. But, with Grandma Winnie, whom I take after in so many ways, I've always been attracted to things that remind me of her.
Years ago, I went thru a phase collecting each and every pink poodle I could get my hands on. I no longer search them out, but still have these glamourous kitschy things in the house.  As a little girl, I spent hours playing with Grandma Winnie's poodle Eloise has done in recent years with mine.

Last year, I painted our kitchen turquoise, the same color as my grandparents retro-cool oven and refrigerator. It makes me think of them and therefore, my kitchen is a happier place to be. 

I also keep a sparkly assortment of rhinestone pins, earrings and bracelets out on my dresser. Much too beautiful for storage.

So...Voila! A taste of Chandelierious's version of "Granny Chic." What's yours? (There's no wrong answer!)


  1. I love "Granny Chic." For me it means incorporating those charming elements throughout and mixing with the new. In the kitchen, it means displaying vintage egg beaters in pastel shades or old Pyrex. In other rooms, it's using my grandparents' pieces in unexpected ways.
    I just love vintage "Granny" things. They have so much charm.

  2. Oh, Elizabeth, I had a glammy grammy too! She passed away just last year. She had fur coats, evening gowns, larger than life brooches, wigs, make-up and so on, and she let me play with all of them as a little girl just like yours did. I have many of her treasures around the house, but a favorite is her decades-old collection of miniature perfume bottles of all shapes and scents (they smell lovely even after all these years!) I also have lots of her serving dishes from the 50's and 60's, some on display and some in full use. Grandma Waugh would have loved to have heard her things were chic!

  3. Elizabeth,
    Your sense of style is impeccable!