Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tips-y Tuesday

Tip time: wax on, wax off.
 I learned the hard way that if you have hard water, you really should consider what speciality finish you choose for your plumbing hardware. Ugg. We took on a bathroom renovation about two years ago and went from the usual chrome finish faucets and whatnot, to a gorgeous, rich, oil rubbed bronze. Yummy, right?

Completely beautiful. But, within a month or so I noticed hard water calcium and lime deposits on the faucet spout and base. Word to the wise, do not attempt to scrub it off, as you'll likely end up rubbing some of the finish right off along with the hard water deposits. So not awesome. Here's what you do instead: preemptive strike. When you get a new fixture, also purchase some furniture or plumbing fixture wax. I got a large container of Johnson's Paste Wax at Home Depot for less than $6.00. Follow the simple directions: rub onto fixture until an opaque film appears, then buff till it's shiny and new. This cheap and easy step act will save your beautiful pieces and prevent more costly repairs. Believe me. Been there, done that. Now, I re-wax mine every three months or so. What a difference. 

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