Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A little holiday service Chandelierious style? Perhaps!

Halloween has come and gone...the stores have been stocked with holiday merchandise for weeks and weeks. Already Thanksgiving is fast approaching with only 3 weeks to go! Time is flying. Are you having fun? Feeling the pressure of the impending gatherings, shopping, decorating etc.? Please don't. I might be able to assist you. Happily, joyously so.
 My friend Mary just put together a little holiday helper business for herself in the Atlanta area, called Merry Mary Holidays. She offers services that include holiday shopping, decorating, gift wrapping, card sending, etc. I am excited for her new adventure...and...I thought, wow. I can do that. I *should* do that. Let me do that! So, here I am to throw it out there. I can do that.
Chandelierious loves, like, uber loves holiday time. Holidays should be a time to relax and enjoy friends and family and the spirit of the season. Sometimes the reality of our busy lifestyles causes more pressure than pleasure during the holidays. If the thought of your "to do" list puts you into a panic, I would love to help. I have the time, the inclination and the passion to do it. It's literally a joy for me. Consider it.
It could be a Chandelierious season ahead for you...
Pass it on. ;)


  1. Hi Elizabeth. Sheryn here from Vintage Bliss in Webster! I love your blog and good luck on your new venture, it sounds like a great idea and I am sure some people will snag you right up to help them! I love your kitchen eating area and I am wondering if you covered your chairs yourself and if so, do you do reupholstering? I have a couple pieces I need done! Have a Blissful Day!

  2. Thank you so much, Sheryn!
    My chairs are actually basic black leather parson style chairs. To change them up, I found these slipcovers at Pier 1. They were too perfect not to try!
    I do have a great upholsterer to pass along if you'd like. Let me know.

  3. Hi Elizabeth! Where are you located?

  4. Hi! Sorry I didn't see this until now. I live in West Irondequoit, but I am available to the Rochester, N.Y. area. Thanks for inquiring. :)