Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tips-y Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Today's tip? Get yourself one of these:

I bought this one from Amazon. It closes up and even has a handle for portability. It's not the fanciest one out there, but it's perfect for me. Just a wee bit tinny...I love that sound. I hadn't given records a second thought in years till I started working for my friend in his store, Leone's Collectibles, in Greece, and his online stores on Amazon and Ebay (mr-magazine.com). Come into the shop and check out the huge selection of vinyl! They're all around $1.25-$2! It's so fun and nostalgic looking through records everyday that I had to just had to break down, get a turntable and start up a vinyl collection. I am even dedicating a future post about album covers. One of the most fun bonuses? My daughter thinks it's straight up awesome. It was a completely foreign concept to her and her extensive knowledge of imacs, ipods, itouches, itunes, iphone, i-everything...
Dig out your old one, or opt for something new, but I think you'll thank me!

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