Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrifty (not thirsty) Thursday

So, the packages have arrived: my new Jonathon Adler "happy" books and the pink plastic, cuckoo clock. The books truly are eye candy. Bright, bold, graphic, light hearted and yes, happy. It would be almost impossible to be moody in a Jonathon Adler room. I have been loving this sort of mod mixed with "traditional" thing for a while now and these books just reinforce that. Soon, I will have new spaces to adorn and I do think this is the route I'm taking. I'm inspired, baby, yeah...
As for the clock, love it. It was $8.99 for goodness sake. I could, and just might, design a room around the whimsy of this simple, single clock.  

Also, I'm sharing some thrift store fabulous finds today. This, practically brand new, garment bag was at the Salvation Army for $4.99. 

 I had to bribe Ellie with McDonalds to go back for it, but it was worth it. She and I are off to Manhattan this weekend, so the timing couldn't be better. 
I also practically stole a Banana Republic black trench coat at $4.50 and a sassy pair of Clarks slip ons for $2.50. (Do you know what Clarks shoes cost new?) Please, I beg of you, go to your local thrift stores. Everyone, including Mother Earth, benefits from this type of shopping. Here, I even waxed poetic about it once.
That'll do it for today...
For those of you that look forward to a little Thirsty Thursday, I will leave you with this:
personally, my favorite adult beverage is a single, albeit generous, glass of a good, oaky Chardonnay. If you enjoy that too, try La Crema,  Kendall Jackson, J. Lohr or the yummiest I have had, Talbot. There you go...
Happy almost weekend!

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