Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simply, Saturday: Opening Night!

Happy Saturday! Yes, Chandelierious has been completely MIA for awhile. "Regular" life and hours upon hours of daily rehearsals will do that to a person, or a blog as it were. But, it's finally opening night! After this, believe it or not, aside from performances, life will mellow out a bit again. I will breathe. That's not to say that this experience is overwhelming. Well... yes it IS, but in the most wonderful of ways.  Being part of a cast again, putting my feet back on stage again, has brought many parts of me right back to life. Invigorating me and inspiring me in new ways and even adding a new layer to my relationship with my daughter. We've both had to adapt. This experience was a new challenge for us and it's turned into something very special. Something she and I have been able to share and grow from, together. She has joined me at some rehearsals and made some bonds herself, especially with our "little Tommy's".
I see us being in something together in the future...she has been bitten by the theater bug just like her mommy. So many things to look forward to...
But, tonight? Sold out Opening Night. 
There are still tickets for other performances, however! They're available through Please, come.  Even if you aren't a musical theater's THE WHO!!!! Rock on.

Here's hoping for a lot of broken legs!

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