Monday, December 26, 2011

Ok....Now What? Crafts? Yes! Crafts!

Christmas is over...
The gifts have been given...
The surprises have been discovered. And now, I can share some of the things Ellie and I made for everyone on this homespun, simple Christmas! Some ideas were ours and some were stolen from the handy, dandy Pinterest! We made a variety of things using basic items like paper, buttons, pom-poms, google-y eyes and a glue gun.
The "big" gift was homemade dry erase boards. This was a project I found on Pinterest. Super simple and customizable. We bought large frames (I would suggest nothing smaller than 8 x 10. Smaller than that defeats the purpose and practicality) and scrapbook paper. It was great fun choosing papers for friends and family based on their own decor, paint colors and stylistic tastes. We cut them, mixed and matched them, glued them into place and put them behind the glass. Voila! The dry erase marker wipes right off the glass. Here are a couple examples.

(umm, yeah, please ignore the reflection of me and my bedhead in the frames.)

We also bought paper mache letters at the craft store and covered them in buttons or pom-poms! Silly and fun. The button covered ones were for the "grown-ups", but the Muppet-esque fuzzy ones were for my sisters and their families. Ellie's idea to glue eyes on was positively inspired. We glued some picture hanging brackets on the back so they could go on the wall, or stand or lean on a table or ledge.

As you can see in the middle photo, we took those ideas and ran with them on Ellie's school pictures, too!

Because: why not? Life is more fun when it's soft and furry and Muppet-y. You couldn't possibly disagree.
So, whether you might use these little ideas for a gift, or for yourself, or to just occupy some time with your kids on this school break, I hope you have fun and get crafty! It's so easy.

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