Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

It big, it's bright, it's yellow. 
Nope, it's not Big Bird. 
It's a little shout out to "Tommy." It's technically called a Sunkiss, but today it's going to be called the:

                       "Tommy, Can Ya Hear Me?"

* 1.5 oz. Cointreau
* 1.5 oz. pineapple juice
* 1 oz. yellow grapefruit juice

Pour it all into a tall glass over ice and stir.

Couches, Chairs & Musicals, Oh My...

So much is happening right now. Spring is here and the temperature is rising. The green is emerging from a long (an extra long!) Winter's nap. Spring is about new beginnings and growth, right?  That fits into my life both literally and figuratively this year. If you read this little blog, you already know all about "Tommy" and what this experience has meant in my life.

     (that would be me in the go go boots on the left)

But, I am also thoroughly enjoying the new decor projects that are lining up! Soon I will have a new space to fill up with "new" furnishings and fabulous finds. I love the hunt for pieces with great bones...(and I love paying next to nothing for them, as well.)  Here are two great examples of good bones and good deals:

I found this fantastic, vintage French style sofa on Craigslist. It is in amazing condition with a great nubby, neutral fabric that can find a home in practically any decorating style. With me, it will live in a sort of retro mod meets Hollywood Regency styled room. It's long and can seat many, but low profile so it won't feel like so much furniture. I am not touching this. I will just change out pillows as the mood or season strikes me.
I found this matching tufted chair at my local Salvation Army:

This also has wonderful bones and is on wheels which is a nice bonus. At $19.99, it was a steal. The cliche is true, "They really don't make furniture like they used to..."
The fabric on this is well worn, so I will be recovering it. If you have ever priced out upholstery fabric, you know it can be very expensive. I like to scour Ebay for large  remnants. They're a fraction of the cost. I went with a very big, bold black and off white chenille check.  I think I will angle it so it's more of a harlequin pattern, and add black piping and black buttons. I got 8+ yards of this for less than $50. 

I am a total sucker for black check. It goes with everything and brings to mind MacKenzie Childs, which I have written about before. It's a weakness of mine.
So, stay tuned!  As things slow down a bit, I will back, fully inspired by new people, places and things. And? It's almost flea market season!!!!! Yes!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simply, Saturday: Opening Night!

Happy Saturday! Yes, Chandelierious has been completely MIA for awhile. "Regular" life and hours upon hours of daily rehearsals will do that to a person, or a blog as it were. But, it's finally opening night! After this, believe it or not, aside from performances, life will mellow out a bit again. I will breathe. That's not to say that this experience is overwhelming. Well... yes it IS, but in the most wonderful of ways.  Being part of a cast again, putting my feet back on stage again, has brought many parts of me right back to life. Invigorating me and inspiring me in new ways and even adding a new layer to my relationship with my daughter. We've both had to adapt. This experience was a new challenge for us and it's turned into something very special. Something she and I have been able to share and grow from, together. She has joined me at some rehearsals and made some bonds herself, especially with our "little Tommy's".
I see us being in something together in the future...she has been bitten by the theater bug just like her mommy. So many things to look forward to...
But, tonight? Sold out Opening Night. 
There are still tickets for other performances, however! They're available through Please, come.  Even if you aren't a musical theater's THE WHO!!!! Rock on.

Here's hoping for a lot of broken legs!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More N.Y.C. Fun & Games: Rice to Riches (pg-13, seriously.)

My Manhattan mini holiday may have been a couple of weeks ago, but I have another recommended pit stop for you: Rice to Riches, located at 37 Spring Street, between Mott and Mulberry. 

I will be honest, rice pudding is not really my thing, but it was worth a stop regardless if only for the signage. According to my esteemed rice pudding connoisseur  friends, this is THE place to get the best around. They sell flavors like cookies & cream, rocky road, pineapple, coconut and...
The flavors are almost endless.
And, they serve them in super cute, reusable containers!
When we stopped by, the line was out the door, which is apparently the norm.
While I didn't partake, I did take lots of pictures. Like I said, the signs alone are worth dropping in...

 Had to get a picture of the "Tommy" tribute, too! Speaking of, The Who's Tommy opens in 10 days! Tickets are going quickly, hint, hint...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Simply, Saturday

Spring has sprung! With that comes a  little Chandelierious make-over. I love a good make-over, don't you?
Last Saturday I was in my happy place: New York City. I encountered many new places including a small bakery with the cutest mini cupcakes ever. Baked by Melissa sells a variety of teeny tiny, bite sized confections and will ship them anywhere. Check out their website. 
We tried flavors like tie dye, peanut butter and jelly, cookie dough, cookies and cream and birthday cake...all delicious. (And being bite sized, you can try many flavors without quite as much cupcake guilt! Well, we can pretend, anyway.)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Just sharing...

Too busy to blog? Say it isn't so!
Alas, unfortunately, it is...
Between being mommy, travel, work, "Tommy" rehearsals and more being mommy, I am just barely finding time to brush my teeth. (barely...I DO make the time!)
But, I am still obsessed with all things beautiful and love to share what I find. Take a gander:

If this chair from isn't chandelierious, then I don't know what is. It is literally a chandelier fabric covered chair. Sigh...
Another item I could base an entire room around.

And since I mentioned "Tommy" earlier, don't forget tickets are on sale and going quickly. It's going to be amazing...
Happy almost weekend!