Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leaps of Faith

So, my little part time day job? 
I gave my notice.
As much as I love and appreciate the person who helped me in my time of newly single motherhood, 
I knew I had to follow some dreams... even if that meant figuring out exactly what they were first. 
I guess I am a "rip off the bandaid" type of person. If I don't just do it, I will wait...and wait... and wait... And, I don't like that! I'm normally a vivacious go-getter!
It's like when I got my drivers license. I procrastinated for forever. I literally bought myself a car before getting my permit, knowing that would force me into action.
Same story here. I have been dabbling a lot in freelance interior painting and creative services for some time now. And, in the last several months it's been really taking off! 
But, I have also been sitting on my laurels and becoming too dependent on part time "safe work." Safe work has it's place, and I will likely get another supplementary job in a more creative field...
However, the laurels?
I am no longer sitting on them.
I am now the Sole Proprietor of Chandelierious. 
Chandelierious is now a "real" business.
So, tell your friends! I'm doing it! I have put myself out there. 
Pass the cards, share the blog, if you're a client please refer my services...
This is gonna be fun!

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