Monday, March 19, 2012

Thrifty and Fabulous! Nerdery....

You may have noticed, nerd love is all the rage. 
Like moustaches...which, I admit, is a trend I just don't get. 
I have blogged about it before in a post simply called "I Heart Nerds."
I was even in a musical celebrating smart and funny
nerd humor, "Tom Foolery", written by a smart and funny nerd named Tom Lehrer.
And, while I am anti-pocket protector, I do love me some Wayfarer frames.
When it comes to decorating? I love it there, too.
There was a picture I found on Pinterest once that I totally fell for. 
I followed every link possible hoping to land somewhere I might be able to buy it, to no avail. Here she is:

My solution? Attempt my own version. 
My friend, Dan, took some promotional photos for "Tom Foolery" last Fall and shared them with me. 
I just finally got around to printing them out on some basic printer paper and put them in plain black frames I happened to already have. 
In other words: it was all free. Hence, thrifty.
I saw the end product in my mind. Some in color. Some in black and white. Some small. Some larger. A grouping of three.

And I like it! I think I might even love it!
They are graphic and kitschy and quirky.
I put them up on the shelf yesterday and, at least for now, they make me smile...
So, there they'll stay!

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