Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1,000 (Or, umm, 500) Words on the Audrey Chair...

Recently, I was jokingly challenged by a friend when I posted a picture of an Audrey Hepburn Chair and simply said "Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand chandelierious words."
Well, said friend triggered a little competition in me and I decided to attempt the thousand words! What you are about to read isn't the usual Chandelierious post. It's silly. Purely for fun. Unedited. Stream of consciousness style. And? Will be filled to the brim with the word "awesome." So, here goes nothing... Bear with me...

The Audrey Chair is awesome. And, very sadly, no longer available.  I looked high and low. I Googled it, I Yahoo'd it, I eBay'd and I Craigslist'd it. It was in production two years ago by a company who also happened to do a line of Marilyn Monroe chairs. It was about $300 and only available through a few rather elite furniture websites. Sigh.
But, that doesn't make it less awesome. No. No, in fact, I will still try to explain its awesomeness and then even offer an alternative to this no longer available piece of greatness. 
The Audrey chair is awesome, not only because it's neutral and will match each and every other color in the realm of home decor.... But, awesome because it's a classic French/Louis design that will be flawless in both an eclectic, modern home or a shabby chic cottage. Awesome because it has the gorgeous face of Audrey Hepburn the movie legend, the fashion icon, the world renown humanitarian printed onto it. Awesome because it showcases her most famous movie character Holly Golightly from the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Awesome because it would be perfect as a desk chair, or a hallway chair, or a bedroom chair, or a dining chair, or a living room accent chair. Awesome because the chair simply rocks. It's chic,  it's classic, it's grand, it's modern, it's traditional, it's simple, it's ornate, it's white, it's black, it's fabric, it's wood, it's quirky, it's sassy, it's spunky, it's fresh, it's different, it's new, it's shiny, it's matte, it's inspired, it's inspiring, it's gamine, it's modest, it's innocent, it's bold, it's charming, it's regal, it's enchanting, it's whimsical, it's graphic, it's sophisticated, it's elegant, it's, well, chandelierious.
It's, as I mentioned, no longer available. BUT, here is my idea.... thrift store chair. 
And paint. OR, a vinyl sticker. You know, like the one I have on my dining room wall. In fact, now I'm itching to find an old chair with amazing bones, re-cover this idea of a chair in something ridiculous (the good ridiculous!) like white patent leather, and yes, you got it! Attach a vinyl sticker to it. Light bulb!!! Possible new project on the horizon...
Ok, so, here's the thing about me and the blog: it's honest. It's me. It's a work in progress. And today? It's rather unedited and completely free flowing. Therefore, I admit that this does not add up to 1,000 words. It's more like 500. I may have failed the challenge...
But, 500 words about a chair with Audrey Hepburn's beautiful mug on it is- wait for it- pretty awesome. I'm okay with the 500.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thrifty and Fabulous! First Post for Chic & Green....

Wanna do something fun? Let's do something fun!
It's time for our first foray into a thrifty, and absolutely fabulous project together.
Vinyl records are nostalgic, retro, sleek, shiny and cool.
I have a record player, but, you might not.
You might, however, have a big box in the attic full of Elvis, the Stones, maybe Frank Sinatra.... and for whatever reason, might not be ready to part with them. I do have a great idea for you... and it's either free or wouldn't cost you more than a buck!
Grab those records from your attic, OR get yourself to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army where you can pick up a record for $.50. Grab your cookie sheet, a couple of metal or glass bowls, turn your oven on to 200' and let's do this!

Record Bowls!

Step one: Preheat your oven to 200'. And turn on your vent... the fumes are minimal, really, but, best to turn it on.
Step Two: Get yer bowls (the 2 bowls should be similar in size) and cookie sheet out.

Step Three: Grab yer record and place it on top of one of the bowls.

Step Four: Put them in the oven!

Step Five: Watch and wait. It doesn't take long. Could be as little as 2 minutes, as many as 5. You'll know it's time when the vinyl begins to get all warp-y and wonky.

Step Six: Remove everything from the oven, place the second bowl over the record and press down. The bowl will sink with the soft vinyl into the bowl underneath. Like so!

Step Seven: Take the record bowl out and let it cool. This literally takes mere seconds and voila!

You can use these for almost anything. Mine are on a table near the front door as a catchall for keys and such and one holds our various remotes. Being record vinyl, I wouldn't put food in them. Maybe something with a shell or peel, otherwise, no. But, lined with a cloth napkin it would be a great chip server! Really, the possibilities are endless.
So are the ways you can tweak these to your individual tastes! I use the bowl in bowl method, but you can shape these by hand, arranging the "ruffles" to your liking... or, using another, oven safe, shaped dish. A small square cake pan, for instance, turned upside down and shaped by hand, would be great looking. I've used colored vinyl here, but, black vinyl is obviously an excellent, more convenient option!
Have fun! Be creative! There's really no right answer here, and very little to lose.
Catch you next time!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the love of Andrea, Lorraine and Adelaide....

I wasn't going to write about this, but, this blog is a snapshot of my life. Mostly, the really wonderful parts that I am inspired to share, or, the silly things I hope you might get a kick out of. But, sometimes, life happens, and happens hard. And, tragically. 
I wrote recently about my newborn niece, Adelaide. What I didn't write about was my sister Andrea, and her partner Lorraine, and the journey that culminated in adopting their daughter, my niece, Adelaide. It was a long one. One that was dreamed of for many, many years... one that was hoped and tried for, for many years. Ultimately, the adoption route was taken this past year, and they got the call of their lives a few weeks ago. It was Addie. She came home to all of us on her one week birthday. 
And we lost her a day later.
There are still no words that could adequately express both the joy of her arrival, and the sadness of her passing. The details don't matter here. What matters is that Andrea and Lorraine were the mommies of a beautiful little girl that was taken far too soon. They will always be her mommies. I will always be her Aunt. The few perfect moments with her will always be locked in our hearts and minds. 
Adelaide was loved, adored, wanted. She had a family. In her short time here, she had loving family, and her little soul had to have felt that. I believe she felt that. (If only because we West women are extremely demonstrative!)
As the days go by, and slow healing begins to happen, Andrea and Lorraine's community of friends have put together an event. A benefit. Because, yes, it's a very delicate, yet complicated situation, and, it's the right thing to do. 
For Adelaide. For them. For hope.
Adelaide Hope.
Please take a look at the event information on Facebook and below. 

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hi, Chandelierious friends! 
Well, I did it. Yesterday I went ahead and got my feet wet over at Chic & Green with a little introductory post as the new "Thrifty and Fabulous" editor. I'm excited about this new adventure and truly hope you'll follow me back and forth, read Karley's blog, and get inspired. Or, at the very least, maybe entertained a little bit!
I'll remind you that Chic & Green is: an MSNBC Going Green Network Blog, an NBC Today Show Network Blog Partner and is among the top 5% of the most popular blogs nationwide. So, naturally, I am honored, excited, thrilled, and yeah, kinda stoked. (Thank's, Karley!)
Here's what I shared there yesterday...

Hello, Chic & Green-ers!
Please allow me to introduce myself....
I'm Elizabeth: Friend to Karley. Mommy to Ellie. Family to many. Blogger to my readers at Chandelierious. Sometimes a singer/actor. Always a lover of incredibly thrifty finds or projects! As a newly single mom, that last part, being thrifty? That's now sort of a necessity. And I know I am not alone in that!  Even before that, though, I found much more joy and satisfaction in the thrill of the hunt than in the ease of buying a mass-produced end table at Target. (That said, I love me some Target, and probably do have one of their end tables somewhere. I digress.)
Finding something at the Salvation Army for a couple of dollars, for example, and turning it into a personal, one-of-a-kind conversation piece is really, really fun. And easy! And you can absolutely do it, too. All you just need is a little time (and, believe me, I understand that novelty), an imagination, and maybe some paint and a glue gun. It's amazing what you can accomplish with a little paint and a glue gun!
I crave discovery, creation, transformation, repurposing, making things beautiful... and doing it all on a budget. That's what I'll be sharing here as Chic and Green's new 'Thrifty and Fabulous" editor! 
I will be back soon with something fabulous up my thrifty little sleeve!

Monday, January 23, 2012

I Heart Nerds.

It's true. I heart nerds. Or, actually, correction, apparently I heart geeks. There's a difference. I learned this through Pinterest not too long ago. From this handy guide below, in fact.

(click here to read it full size... in my semi computer illiterateness, I don't know how to magnify this picture so you can actually, you know, read it. My bad.)

And, geek is chic. There are a plethora of products out there right now celebrating the pocket protector and horn rimmed glasses. I say, right on. 
Take a look at these:

I absolutely love this nerd pillow from Etsy. So cute! It's made, cleverly, from a men's dress shirt. For $40.00 it comes with the cushion insert.

 This Nerds are Sexy necklace  was also an Etsy find. But, here's a tip: they sell the eyeglasses charm at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. Make your own! I am!

Eloise loves nerds, too, and wears the love proudly with her Harajuku Mini wear from Target.

When I found this set of prints on Pinterest, my first thought was: Must. Have. These.
 I couldn't locate where it might be for sale, so, of course, I plan to make my own version soon. 

So, spread the nerd love. The geek love. The dweeb and dork love for that matter. It's all good.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Words on Wednesday...

Without going into detail, and truly not trying to appear cryptic, I am going to share that a recent tragedy has left me without words. I'm honestly not sure how to get back into sharing my usual wordy self here... It will take some time, but it will happen. 
I do believe words can heal. Saying them, singing them, writing them...the right ones. 
Right now, there aren't right ones. But, as I attempt the process of getting back to wordiness, I will allow the recent explosion of inspirational word art to do some of it for me. 
You've seen them everywhere... posted on Facebook, pinned on Pinterest, in the stores...
I just saw these ones the other day in TJMaxx. 

Prices range from $12.99-29.99. Sizes abound.
OR, get inspired! Buy a blank canvas, pull out the handy Sharpie marker and make up one of your own. I've got some plans to do some of that in my future...
I'll be back sooner than later...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Perfectly Peacock!

It's everywhere. It was the "it" color of Fall. 
So, this isn't news, but, it's not going anywhere either. Peacock, the plume and the color are here to stay. And, rightfully so! 
Hello, gorgeous...
This rich and vibrant color inspires me. In fact, I've been quoted as telling friends "You need more peacock blue in your life." Here are some reasons why...

This laptop case from Etsy is downright regal.

If a dish towel could be regal, this one would be!

Also from Etsy, they call this a cake topper, but you all know me well enough by now to know this would go on my wall. Most likely the "E" wall, yes indeed....

Pier 1 is one place that's been all over the peacock trend for a while. This chair is a perfect example. The teal and green and brown are lush together.

From lush to sumptuous... Curtain panels are a dramatic way to add the color and the feather design into your decor.

Now, I'm not suggesting you go all out and have a peacock themed room. No, no, no. 
No. A piece here. A splash of color there. Use the design as an accent somewhere... once, maybe twice. Pull it all together elsewhere with pops of blue on your dining table... 
Like this sparkling, bold glassware.

Or, a ruffly, decadent throw pillow on your bed or sofa. 

Remember, color and design should be fashionable, yes, but also FUN.
It's fun to switch it up every once in awhile. 
Get your peacock on!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Surprise! It's Adelaide!

Remember when I said 2012 was already chock full of delightful surprises? Well, the other one, I can finally share now: It's Adelaide!
Adelaide Hope, my surprise, miracle of a newborn niece. We are still waiting for her mommies to bring her home to us. Ellie and I can't wait to get her in our arms. But, while we wait, in honor of her, today's post will be about all things beautiful, baby girl style.
Of course I've been browsing....in store and online. Here are a few of the gems I've come across....

These leopard ballet flats from The Baby Bella Boutique on Etsy for $18.50 are sassy and sweet.

This Garden Nursery Butterfly Mobile from Love Bug Lullabies also comes in other shapes and colors schemes. 

Adelaide could match her big cousin Eloise in this Harajuku Mini "I love Nerds" outfit from Target!

And, just look at this delicious bedding set from Overstock.com! Called Lizzie, it's a perfect combination of juicy pops of color, graphic flowers and dots.

This alphabet rug would be darling with the bedding....love it!

Of course, I will let my sister pick out her own nursery decor, but you can be sure that Aunt Elizabeth will be there to offer some chandelierious design inspiration, buy a chic but cozy outfit or offer hours upon hours of open arms, love and babysitting. Hurry home, Adelaide! We can't wait to meet you!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big News for 2012!

I hope you're all enjoying this bright new year! I know I am! In fact, I've already had a few exciting surprises, one of which, I'm going to share with you today...
I've written about my friend Karley's blogs before: Chic & Green,  Moms Fighting BullyingPure Beauty With Karley, and her online jewelry store Loubird Handmade. She's a talented writer and jewelry designer, has had her own very successful line of homemade cosmetics, and most importantly, she's a loving mother and kind friend. Karley's a keeper. 
Her original blog, Chic and Green, was founded in 2007. It's mission? In some of her own words: to seek out and discuss talented artisans, provide product reviews, share natural beauty DYI projects and green lifestyle tips. And, like me, Karley is also a crafty little home decor lover and enjoys sharing her adventures in that arena. C & G is an MSNBC Going Green Network Blog, an NBC Today Show Network Blog Partner and is among the top 5% of the most popular blogs nationwide.
So, naturally, I was both honored and tickled pink when she asked me to join Chic & Green as her new "Thrifty & Fabulous" editor! Sometime in the near future I will regularly share my little tidbits about hunting for bargains, thrifty DIY projects and my attempts to turn that little lump of coal into a diamond. (Or, at least something diamond-like!)
 I certainly hope you'll join me! In the meantime, I will be posting here on Chandelierious, as always. And, as always, aiming to find and share a little bit of beautiful in everyday life.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day

Do you believe in New Years Resolutions?
I'm not sure that I do. 
I should clarify... it's not that I don't believe in them, I just don't make them, personally. 
Oh, I think it's awesome that people use January 1st as the first day of their "new" lives...
Making changes, doing better, living better, and so on. I do. If I had a major life change to kick start, like, quitting smoking, for example, then, yes! New Years Day is perfect. Whatever works! Go on with your bad self and your New Years resolutions!
As for me, I woke up, like I do every morning, hoping to maintain balance, positivity, awareness, and love in my life. I will continue to do that daily, for the rest of my days...
That said, one thing that I do hope happens in 2012 is more music in my life. 
I want a guitar. 
And, I want to learn how to play it.
I don't need to be great at it. I would just love to sit down with one, sing, and make something pretty happen. Over the last few weeks I have been hunting around online for one and I think I may have found her...
It's a "her" for obvious reasons.

I am saving some of my rainy day pennies, and she will happen. I will scope out some local guitar lessons, and that will happen, too.  And when she (who will be named, of course) isn't in use, she will make an amazing addition to our home as a piece of art. I mean, look at her! She begs to be on display! 
In the meantime, it sits in my virtual shopping cart. And, while I wait, I will continue the whole waking up every day in search of some sunshine. And I hope you do, too! 
Happy 2012! 
Here's hoping your dreams and resolutions come true!